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It doesn't seem weird to me to eat beans for dessert.  But I'm pretty sure it's because I'm Asian.  Asians really like their dessert beans.  (Except the boyfriend.  He doesn't fancy bean desserts.  He's so weird.)  Asians even like dessert beans for breakfast.  Especially in red and green.  Sounds, festive right? Another fun fact:  Asians [...]

New Month: February

I don't really consider myself a "girly-girl" but I'm definitely not a "tom-boy" either. If you throw a ball at my head I'm probably going to run for cover. But if you give me tools and tell me we're going to climb up on a roof and nail down some shingles - I'm game. Most [...]

The Butterfly Farm

We took a family cruise last year and visited The Butterfly Farm in St. Maarten.  Did you know that butterflies are indicators of ecosystem health? Like bees, they cross pollinate plants. Some plant species would not be able to survive without butterflies.  If I had my own garden, I would plant these milkweed seeds because the [...]

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Travel: San Francisco

This year is going to be full of traveling.  I can feel it.  I can see it.  It's getting pencil-ed in ever so lightly on my google calendar for March, maybe May and June too.  There are going to be short little weekend trips to nearby places and bigger trips to faraway destinations too. We [...]

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!  2012 is the year of the Dragon.  It's expected that there are going to be a lot of Asian people trying to make babies this year because Dragon babies are supposed to be lucky and strong.  So to my friends that are trying: Good Luck!  For everyone else, I hope that [...]


Italian Wedding Cookies

So the thing about working in the interiors studio is that we have vendors come in to show us their products and shower us with food gifts.  It's a lot of cupcakes, chocolates and other miscellaneous pastries.  One sales rep actually baked her own cookies.  They were really good little cookies.  I had never tasted [...]


Lemon Honey Tea

First week back at work and I get sick.  Actually, it seems like everyone is sick - it's dangerous out there!  Luckily, I don't feel like it's going to become one of those full blown cases where I get congested in the head and need to lay in bed all day.  I think it's all [...]